Repeat Prescriptions

Please request your repeat medication at least 2 working days in advance.

You can order your repeats online, by post, by fax (no 020 7978 4550) or in person. We do not accept repeat prescriptions over the phone. From 1/4/16 you can also order your prescriptions via email. Please send an email with your name, address, Date of Birth and which medications are required to

The prescription will be ready to collect two working days later. If you wish that your prescription be returned to you by post, please provide a stamped addressed envelope.

Most local chemists are also happy to order, collect and deliver your medication.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a new way to get your medicine. It is a faster, paperless way for your GP surgery to send your prescription to your chemist. Ask your chemist for details.

If you have any queries regarding scripts, please call 020 3764 0822 and speak to a receptionist.

All patients on repeat medication will need to have their medication regularly reviewed by a doctor. Please ensure you make an appointment for this review before your printed review date on the bottom of your prescription receipt. On occasion you may need to see your doctor for review, before a further prescription will be issued.

Test Results

When you are sent for a test, the GP or Practice Nurse will discuss with you how you will be informed of the result. This will vary according to what test you have been sent for as some results take longer to come back than others. The GP or Nurse will either contact you themselves, ask reception to contact you on their behalf or ask you to phone the surgery after a certain time period. Once the results are back they are commented on by the Clinician and then actioned. If you wish, you can ring reception any time after the results are actionned, and they can tell you whether the doctor has reported that your test results are normal, however they cannot discuss your results in any more detail.

If the doctor asked you to make an appointment to be seen after a test, please keep your appointment, even if your result is normal, as the doctor may want to run some more tests.

Sometime we will write to you to ask you to see a doctor to discuss your results - please do not be alarmed as this does not normally mean that there is anything seriously wrong.

Please note any seriously abnormal result is actioned urgently by the doctor who will contact you directly, usually by phone.

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