New NHS App Features

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prescription nhs app posterYou can now see and access your prescriptions electronically in the NHS App, allowing you to:

  • Easily see the details of medicines/ items healthcare professionals have confirmed for you
  • Use a prescription barcode to collect your medicine if you don’t have a nominated pharmacy, without needing to collect a paper prescription

In addition:

While you are waiting for your hospital appointment or treatment, you can now use the NHS App to get the information you need while you wait to be seen.

A new NHS App feature has been launched for patients to view an estimated waiting time for your hospital treatment. You will know you are on waiting list and how long you may have to wait for treatment.

For more information including how to download the NHS App, please visit

NHS App and your NHS account

Download the NHS App, or open the NHS website in a web browser, to set up and log in to your NHS account. Owned and run by the NHS, your NHS account is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services online.